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Clinton, TN, residents are no strangers to high humidity, especially during Tennessee's muggy summers. However, excess moisture in parts of a home, like a crawl space, can lead to poor indoor air quality, mold and mildew growth, and structural damage to the foundation. 

You can avoid pests, health issues, and foundation damage with crawlspace encapsulation from Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems. Our team offers several quality services to keep your crawl space dry. 

Newly encapsulated crawlspace

Premier Crawlspace Contractor for Clinton Residents

As a top crawlspace contractor serving Blount and Anderson Counties, Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems understands the importance of controlling moisture in crawl spaces. Those spaces between a primary structure and its foundation are one to three feet high and are notorious for collecting water.

With our crawlspace encapsulation service, we will identify, seal, and clean problematic areas to keep the moisture level in check. We professionally install vapor barriers. They are the simplest and most economical way to eliminate unwanted moisture from crawl spaces to protect primary structures.

Why Crawl Spaces Have High Humidity Levels

If you notice any of these signs in your home, you likely need one or more of our crawl space and basement solutions:

  • Crawl space has standing water from poor drainage or leaky plumbing
  • If you notice musty, unknown, or unidentifieable odors or stench
  • If you notice wavy or uneven flooring or growth/mineral deposits on your home's blocks

Comprehensive Crawl Space and Basement Solutions

Though crawlspace encapsulation is one of our services, Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems has several ways to address moisture in crawl spaces and basements. Our highly trained team takes time to identify the water source in these spaces. Then, we'll implement the best solution that provides fast, long-lasting results. 

Our services include waterproofing, foundation repair, and interior/exterior drainage. We can also provide mold remediation if we detect mold and mildew growth. 

half encapsulated crawlspace area

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Crawl Space?

Here are some signs that it's time to reach out to Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems for crawlspace encapsulation:

  • Floors are constantly cold in the winter
  • Energy bills are rising
  • Your home can't remain warm
  • The heating and cooling system runs constantly 

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If your home has a problematic moisture level, Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems can help. Our professionals offer exceptional crawlspace and basement solutions, including crawlspace encapsulation in Clinton, TN. Call 865-299-2315 for an estimate today. 

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