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Transform Your Crawl Space from Musty to Dry with Quality Vapor Barriers

Say goodbye to musty smells, mold, and rot. Call (804) 912-7988 to protect your crawl space from mold and water damage.

A moist or damp crawl space is a haven for mold, fungus, and mildew. Combined, these toxic substances can cause significant structural damage to your home and ruin the indoor air quality. Vapor barriers for crawl spaces attack these problems at the source as a long-term, effective solution. A vapor barrier is a layer of material covering your crawl space floor. The barrier keeps out ground moisture and prevents water damage. At Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems, we specialize in installing vapor barriers to make your crawl spaces clean, dry, and hygienic.

Our highly experienced experts have installed vapor barriers and waterproofing solutions in numerous properties across Clinton, TN. Book an appointment with us today for excellent vapor barrier installation.

New vapor barrier installed in crawlspace

Comprehensive Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems is fully committed to excellent service. We understand the need for 100% ground coverage in the fight against water vapor. Incomplete coverage in humid climates leads to recurring mold and moisture problems. When you choose Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems, we put our years of experience to work for you to deliver quality results, no matter the building materials in your crawlspace. We remove any existing linings and install industry-leading vapor barriers using the latest and greatest vapor barrier technology and securely fastened. We provide a warranty on our workmanship and a factory warranty on all products we use in your crawl space.

Get High-Quality Vapor Barriers That Will Stand the Test of Time

Newly installed vapor barrier in crawlspace

We use high-quality vapor barriers when waterproofing crawl spaces. Thin, flimsy barriers are ineffective and won’t offer the protection you need from moisture and water vapor. They will only cost you time and money unnecessarily. At Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems, we use light-duty and heavy-duty polythene fiber for the barriers. These products can keep out water vapor coming from your exterior walls and the ground. The result: A barrier that can stay effective for years.

Your Trusted Choice for Waterproofing Crawl Space Services in Clinton, TN

Our experience in crawl space waterproofing has quickly made us one of the most respected names for vapor barrier installations in Blount and Anderson counties. Our thorough consultation process ensures we always deliver the perfect results on every project. Call the Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems team in Clinton, TN, at (865) 299-2315 to find the perfect vapor barriers for your home.

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