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Mold spreads quickly when it takes root in any environment. For every patch of mold you can see above the surface, there’s a lot more out of sight. Ignoring the spread can cause significant damage to your property and ruin the indoor air quality in the living spaces. At Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems, we provide speedy mold remediation services for residential and commercial properties in Clinton, TN. We root out the mold using specially formulated eco-friendly treatments.

Our mold remediation specialists can eliminate all kinds of mold spores. We also assess basements and crawl spaces and recommend solutions to prevent future mold growth. Call us today to request an estimate for your mold issue.

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Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services in Clinton

At Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems, we don’t just remove mold from your walls, flooring, and belongings. We also protect the space against future mold growth by sealing your crawl space or basement from outside humidity using high-quality vapor barriers and removing all standing water. Depending on the humidity level, we may also install energy-efficient dehumidifiers to keep the space dry. Mold can’t thrive in environments with more than 60% humidity. We have years of experience fixing mold-infested spaces. Regardless of the type of mold, you can trust us to deal with it effectively.

Our Mold Remediation Process for Quality Results

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At Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems, we have a four-step mold remediation process:

  • Assessment and Estimate. Here, the goal is to understand the extent of the mold problem and the type of mold you’re dealing with. We provide a transparent estimate and mold removal plan after the initial assessment.
  • Mold removal. We’ll use sanding, soda blasting, and mold sprays during the mold removal stage to eliminate the colonies.
  • Prevention. We spray coatings on the joists and other porous materials to prevent new mold growth.
  • Clean up. After the removal, we clean up the crawl space or basement.

At the end of the mold remediation process, your crawl space will be ready for waterproofing.

Get Quality Basement and Crawl Space Solutions You Can Trust

Mold growth is more than an unsightly mess; it poses serious health risks to your home’s occupants. Don’t risk DIY mold removal! Instead, call our experienced team and take advantage of our warranties of workmanship and factor warranties on all products we use. Call the Smoky Mountain Crawl Space Systems today at (865) 299-2315 to book a mold remediation inspection in Clinton, TN.

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